Alpha Release Features!


Read-Only Wallet View of Collections and NFTs

Customizable Collection Block-Out

Wallet Nickname!

Masonry Layout on Sort

Backimg Flip Cards


Compress NFTs into Template-Stacks for “Card Stack Viewing”

Lazy Loading of NFTs and Images via Expand/Collapse

Use Neftyblocks Cache for NFT Image/Video Thumbnails

Local Cache of Collection Images for Quick Reload


Sort by NFT Name

User Sortable Favorites Section with Mint Numbers

NFT Detail View with Hidden Potential Off-Chain Data

Collection Counts and Top 3 by % Collection

NFT Background Images

Trophy Display for #1 and #2 Mints

Engagement Tools for Artists

Custom Flair on NFTs!

WAXWORKS Featured Artist Gallery

Music/Video Playlists

Audio Visualizer!

3D Book and Comic Viewer


In Progress

Poster View

8-bit Slammers Super Secret Project!


Multi-Wallet Registration

Comic/Book Shelf NFT

Patreon Tiers!


Support NSFW Collections?

Complete / Dev Testing

512 MB Artists CDN (free,

Per-Collection Play Button

Funding Required

Enterprise Level CDN for Video Assets and 10K PFP

Enterprise Level App Hosting / Droplets / VPS

MongoDB Staging / Live DB
Serverless (Mongo Atlas)

Imagekit Cache (Paid Tier)

Cloudflare WAF / Workers / Page Rules (Paid tier)

SQA Help

UI/UX Help