Terms of Use

By providing CDN data to WAXWORKS you agree that any IPFS content you upload either belongs to you or that you have approval from the owner in writing to host it on their behalf. Trying to replace the work of others using overrides or replacing your own artwork with content that is illegal or objectionable will result in an immediate ban, no exceptions.

This site is not age restricted, therefore any adult-only content is strictly prohibited. Posting any content deemed inappropriate will result in a takedown request and your CDN will be delisted until the items are removed.

Artist’s CDN


Glitch.com has a generous free plan but it does have some limitations especially for large projects.

Regarding CDN space:

  • There’s an additional 512MB of assets storage space. The maximum file size per upload is limited to 256MB.

Read Glitch’s official guide here

I’m currently working on a CDN option to host larger collections but the gist is you can provide all your own CDN links for any external hosting you have using the overrides feature (explained below.)

If you want to host a 10k or huge video files this little free site won’t do it. If you have a couple hundred reasonably sized images or a few PDFs then the free container should be perfect.


If this application needs to be updated new source code will be provided by WAXWORKS. This will most likely involve completely replacing the contents of server.js with some new code.


Upload your IPFS assets to the “Assets” section in the left hand side of the editor window.
The IPFS hash will be automatically recalculated to ensure the file is identical
A CDN link will be created that will be automatically substituted by the WAXWORKS Wallet Viewer

Overriding Files

If you want to override an IPFS hash with a file that doesn’t match, you can add an entry to the overrides.json file with the following format: {"ipfs":"IPFS CODE FROM PINATA","url":"CDN URL GOES HERE"}
You can add as many of these as you want, separated by commas.

Updates to This Document

Please visit (https://waxworks.io/waxworks-cdn/) for the latest version of this document.