Tree Peace has sponsored a competition! Let’s see what you got! Send us your best “Environment” themed poem and attach cover art! Be creative!

We’d like to include families in determining winners, so please keep everything safe for work and family-friendly. All entrants are welcome as long as they have a wax collection. There is no cost to enter. Please limit yourself to one official entry per person. If you do a collab with somebody, do two!

How to Enter

  1. Mint an NFT with your cover artwork in the “img” field and your poem as text on an image in the “backimg” field according to the “Poem NFT” template here (( The video field may also be used but will not be part of the consideration in this contest.
  2. Send 1 of those NFTs this unique wallet: wwxtreepeace (This NFT will become the property of WAXWORKS/Tree Peace so it can remain in a special gallery after the contest.) You are free to mint and sell any other copies of the NFT with no restrictions.
  3. We will vote on WAXWORKS at the end of the contest. In order, the 5 entries with the highest vote counts will be selected for the top prizes.  The WAXWORKS Spirit winner will be selected by Tree Peace and WAXWORKS!


  1. You must have full rights to the art and text (but collabs are great!)
  2. Original compositions only, no plagiarism
  3. Must use the official WAXWORKS template (
  4. Must provide an NFT mint #1 so that we only get new stuff!
  5. You retain the rights to your art and content and authorize WAXWORKS to display them for the purposes of the contest or to link to your sales pages.
  6. NFTs entered in the contest will not be returned and may be used for display after the contest ends. As the sponsor of the contest, these will be sent to Tree Peace when/if the gallery page is retired.
  7. If you choose to collab ARTIST X POET you can each submit a separate entry as long as it’s a different poem and a different cover image! We’d love to meet some new artists! Remember, there can be 2 grand prize winners!
  8. In the event that we get far more than 10 entries, we may split the contest into brackets to let the community vote on more entries.

Submission Timeframe

Contest Announcement June 8th, 2022

Final Deadline for Entries: July 4th, 2022 11:59PM UTC

Judging / Voting is planned for the following week via WAXWORKS

Prizes will be awarded once winners confirm their payment address after all votes are tallied.

All participants will receive a proof of entry token by TBD

Want to participate but think you’re not a poetr? Do a collab with somebody new to WAX! There can be two winners, so if you work as a team, you could both be selected!

Suggested File Sizes

Image: 1080 x 1080 pixels since the largest square image that can be displayed on an HD monitor is that size. JPEG preferred, under 500 kb in size.