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Want to make NFTs that work with WAXWORKS? These schemas for templates should help get you started!

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Supported Schemas

WAX Projects

Below you will find a screenshot to each of my gallery projects as well as progress bars for the remaining work.
Please click the buttons below for more info on each one.

Dynamic NFTs

NFTs that change with time.

Project Status

Code 100%
Testing 70%

DEAD due to changing cache in other wallet tools

PFP NFT Creator

Create components then generate a set of NFTs.

Project Status

Code 100%
Testing 100%
Business Inquiry

IWA Directory

Blockchain-run list of Independent WAX Artists

Project Status

Code 100%
Artist Participation 5%
Visit Directory

GOO GOONs Collectible Cards

Project Status

Create GOO GOONS PFPs 100%
Build Project Site 100%
Build Discord 15%
View Project

Custom Wallet Viewer for Bret Blackberg Comics

Project Status

Code 100%
Demo Delivered 100%

You can read all your comics right here at WAXWORKS!


Project Status

Finish Draft 100%
Professional Edits 100%
List Book for Sale 100%
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WAX External Resources

I have no affiliation with these sites or brands but these are some helpful links for WAX Artists.

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