WAXWORKS is growing! We’re on our second sponsored NFT contest, wallet galleries just got added, and I’m constantly working to squash bugs and add features. I hope you’re all enjoying the site!

My goal is to keep the basic functionality of WAXWORKS free and allow people to buy features ala cart as NFTs (or resell them!) . It’s running on a pretty modest setup right now as an App on Digital Ocean along with some supporting APIs on Glitch.com. As a solo dev, this is about the level I can afford to provide on my own.

I created this Patreon to see if people want to fund the effort to go beyond the current capability of WAXWORKS. With more financial support I could test out new features requiring better servers. 

For instance–

Piñata recently changed their free tier to limit people to 1GB and 100 pins. We always knew about the 1GB limit but that pin one is hitting the WAX community especially hard.

If I configure a Digital Ocean server to run IPFS Desktop I can start to develop a WAX focused IPFS pin service. It would have to be boutique at first (managed by me) but who knows how it could grow. This is the sort of thing I could make available to Patrons as we work together to develop features for artists.

Another idea–

If I got a real database host like mongo, I could create NFT unlockables on WAX and finally allow people to embed codes or single use links into their NFTs to reward the first owner like on OpenSea.

No matter what, I’m grateful for all the support the community has given me! 


Nick (@Tantilloon)