The organizer makes a non-transferrable candy bucket NFT. They sell or give away this “access token” NFT.

Any participating artists create their “trick” or “treat” NFT drops using the candy bucket NFT as the whitelist condition on Neftyblocks.

Customer Use Case:

Customer buys the candy bucket. On halloween they visit each artists collection from a trick or treat map (list of links) showing the “route.” As they visit each artist collection they can claim a treat (or maybe a trick) before moving on to the next artist’s collection. It’s a WAXOWEEN!

Fun Ways to Build on the Idea:

  1. Using the same structure but varying the drop release dates, artists could sell an advent calendar access token and let the user collect a piece from each artist (one per day in December.)
  2. WAX Access pass where a user buys an access token to get a sample work from any participating artists. What is cool is artists can join anytime (they just need to make a drop with the token as the whitelist condition!) So these non-transferrable tokens could be used to onboard people into the entire WAXFAM.

Thanks for reading my crazy idea! I love Halloween!