WAXWORKS Public Alpha Test

Thank you for helping me test WAXWORKS new “Personal Gallery”

  1. Open a new tab so you can keep these instructions open
  2. Register with WAXWORKS to link your wallet to your WAXWORKS account. This only needs to be done once.
    1. You’ll need to provide a user name (email) and password.
  3. If you aren’t automatically logged in, you can log in at this page.
  4. You should see a link to “My Wallet” in the upper left. This will take you to your unique profile page. Viewing the page does not require a login.
  5. You can customize your wallet nickname as well as mark individual NFTs as favorites
    1. When you click an NFT to open the detail view you’ll see a list of the mint numbers and IDs you own. Click the heart icon next to your favorites!
    2. Clicking the heart icon again will remove the favorite status.
  6. If you want to display your favorites at the top of your public wallet page, you need to have any WAXWORKS NFT in your wallet.
    1. This will enable the WAXWORKS collection which lets me do special things to how it’s displayed on the page.
    2.  You should be able to favorite as many NFTs as you like but once you get to a few hundred it can slow down the page load speed a lot.
    3. WAXWORKS NFTs can be found in The Bone Shop
  7. If you want to load an unlinked wallet or one that belongs to another person, please try the ALPHA  wallet Viewer page. It’s the same as your profile page but it includes a search bar.

tl;dr How do I try it??

Register your wallet with WAXWORKS to claim your custom wallet profile page.

Register Wallet and Create Account
Log In

Premium Wallet Features

Interactive features that allow you to customize your wallet, feature playlists, set your background, etc. are available in the WAXWORKS Feature Shop!

Pricing during the ALPHA may not reflect the pricing after release. Any NFTs you buy during the alpha will continue to work in the release version, but many of them will be discontinued to reward collectors. Features will always be available though and new NFTs will take their place after release.

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