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Your WAX wallet, your way.

Free wallet viewer, no catch.

Available to anybody with a WAX wallet address.

New website features to enhance a wallet showcase are available as NFTs!

NFT stacks, collection organization, speed enhancing cache, support for books, comics, music and video will remain 100% free. We don’t sell your data and we don’t have ads.

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“Violina, the WAXWORKS Spirit” by Lembas

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Contest Wallets

Check out all these NFTs on loan from their respective creators!

See what WAX Art is all about!

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“Be Nice to Artists” by BreadlyToast

Special Galleries

Collectors! Want to personalize your public wallet?

Artists! Want to supercharge your NFTs for your collectors?

Where web3 meets web2

Once you associate your WAX wallet with your WAXWORKS account, you can rest easy that WAXWORKS cannot change your on-chain data. All your preferences and NFT settings are stored in our web2 standard databases.

We want WAXWORKS users to feel comfortable engaging with their NFTs without needing to worry about wallet draining contracts or scams. This is your place to arrange, organize, and share your art and collectibles free of market clutter!

Think of WAXWORKS like your own personal display gallery… because it is!

  • Cutting edge Content Delivery Network
  • Local Cache of Collection Thumbnails
  • Front and Back Image Flip Animations
  • Support for Audio, Video, PDFs, Poems, etc.
  • Special Gallery Wallets
  • Creator Added Special Features and Exclusive Content!
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How do I use it? By using supported schemas in your collections!

Supported WAX Schemas
Tools for Getting Started

News and Updates

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Thank You Project Supporters!

The first IWA listing page is available here but now I just use the wallet viewer!

You can view user submitted gallery wallets here!

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